Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bark in the Park

Bark in the Park for the FL marlins was yesterday and it was a great success! I will admit I was a nervous wreck the whole time because of Whiskey's grumpy growly with other dogs, but she did great! We saw a lot of nice dogs of every size and breed: Newfoundland, beagle, Boston terrier, st. Bernard and lots of those little purse "accessory" dogs.
The beagle was sitting a few rows behind us and kept barking (well, more like a "whoooop" sound). and that would start Whiskey, then another dog down front and everyone would get a kick out of it. There was a Yorkie and chocolate lab sitting behind us and they were real nice. The "dad" would put with Yorkie on his shoulder like she was a parrot and the chocolate lab thought he was the size of the Yorkie and kept trying to get onto the "mom's" lap. Enough talk. I know you all want to get to the pictures. :-) So here they are:

Lets go ma!

This is cool, but I cant see anything.

Now I can see.

Mommy's lap is so comfortable!

Mai family!

We have to go down the ramp too.......

Thanks for the lift daddy!

PS: We were on the jumbo TV too! :-) And I think it is safe to say, we were the only CORGI!


  1. how cute and how fun :)

    glad you guys got to do that

  2. Cute pics! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Awww so fun!! I used to go to Marlins games all the time :)