Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cowboy Bebop

Reading many of your blogs I have noticed that the corgi is part of a cartoon(?) called Cowboy Bebop. I have never heard of this until reading about it here. So need-less to say I've never seen the show either. I find it interesting where everyone learned about corgis. I learned (and fell in love) from the animal planet show Dogs 101. Kelly said she loved them from watching the Westminster Dog Show. (which she also now knows about the Cowboy Bebop).
I just wanted to pop over and post because it just made me do one of those "huh....lets think about that" moments. And whenever any one stops me because they don't know the dog breed I say its the Queen's dog. I wonder if I would get more of a response by saying "its the dog from Coyboy and Bebop." I guess it depends on my demographic.
Have a good day. Off the park now. :-) And Bark in the Park is tomorrow!!!!


  1. Yep, same for me. Cowboy Bebop. It's a japanese cartoon (anime) and the dog's name is Ein, as in Einstein. He's actually kind of a super computer. And he eats magic mushrooms in one episode called Mushroom Samba and bounces around. That's the moment I knew I needed a corgi. You should YouTube it!

  2. hahahaha...i had this problem, too!!! my boyfriend enjoys anime, and owned cowboy beebop. in fact when we had a 40 lb weight limit put on us for dogs, he immediately thought of ein and wanted a corgi. i told him, NO ANIME DOGS!! i thought it was a silly reason to get a dog. we ran into sammy and it was love at first sight. since i had looked into corgis (little bit) to tell him i had done so, we felt confident he would be a good fit for our personalities. i have watched cowboy beebop, and as for animes, it's probably the best one. i'm not too into it. i watched it after owning a corgi, so ein was a highlight to me because he was like my little baby! haha. he is probably the favorite for most though. i have learned it's almost like a secret society with this. i never heard about it before erik. but then i realized everyone but me seemed to know about it!! i knew about the queen as well. rumor is, they are making a live action film starring keanu reeves as spike (the main character). i'm intrigued with it, and i think that will help more people fall in love with corgis! and i think they should call me to cast sammy as ein. he might not be trained enough for movies, but i could work on it. otherwise, he looks alot like ein since neither have the white coming up their nose. if you are bored one day, you should check it out. i work at best buy, we always have it in stock, and are always selling more!

  3. hehe! Yes, I learned about corgis from watching dog shows when I was little..but then I met my husband and we would spend our nights (we were young!) watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. What was on at midnight? Cowboy Bebop. We were hooked and the fact that there was a corgi on it made it just that much more awesome (and made Ben want a corgi as much as I did!)! :)

  4. Yeah, I first heard about corgis from watching Cowboy Bebop, but what made me want a corgi for real was discovering all the traits I adored about my mother's Dachshund/Corgi mix were corgi traits. A lot of college students are getting introduced to anime now, so there is a chance if you tell someone probably in their twenties it's from Cowboy Bebop, they'll get it. I wasn't fully introduced until college myself.

    Have fun out there!

  5. I always say the Queen's dog, too, when someone doesn't know haha. But then they still look at me confused. I'm like, they're short! Big ears! Hahaha. I honestly think I learned about corgis from seeing the Queen with her dogs. I only fell in love with them once I adopted Sadie though :)