Monday, September 13, 2010

Interesting turn of events

I realize I have been MIA for a little while. I have a legitimate excuse, not one I am happy to share though. On Friday I lost my job. I job I actually thoroughly enjoyed. Why you may ask? Truthfully I really don't have an answer, the best I can come up with is the boss had a bug up his ass.
I'll walk you though:
I worked at a physical therapy office for people that had a car accident or slip and fall. I had a new patient on Thursday in the afternoon. She didn't show up (which happens a lot actually). So I call the patients the next day ad reschedule or find out what is going on. So Friday I was going to call this patient after lunch when it was more quiet in the office. Literally 5 minutes before calling said patient I am checking my voice mails. The boss, head honcho, el douche calls my on the phone: "hello?"
"did that patient come in yesterday?"
"was anyone notified of this?"
"no. I was going to call the patient now."
"not the answer. was anyone notified about this?"
"ok." ::CLANK:: hangs up.

I call the patient and reschedule her for Monday. My department manager and the marketing manager actively talking in the kitchen (which I have clear site of). Marketing manager ask me to come in.
"We have to fire you."
::SHOCKED:: "wwwhhhhattt????"
"yea.. sorry"
"because the boss says so"
"what he says goes."

To cut the story short I try to explain myself with no avail. I got 1/2 a day of training, everything else I learned on my own. No one told me if a new patient didn't show up that I had to let anybody know.
Since I started on Cinco de Mayo we had more that 2 hands of new patient not show up for their initial appointment. I call reschedule and voila they show up and we continue on our marry way called therapy.
I txted the massage therapist that I worked with that we had created a friendship relationship he was as shocked as I was. He tried to get to the bottom of it...
Basically got the same answer I did.
"you didn't answer the way they wanted you to" <-- exact text.
Then I also learn that they already have a girl for the spot from one of the other offices.
Now not to sound crude, but honestly is the truth: If your not sucking anyone at that job you don't get to keep it.
Since I was there for a whole 4 months I saw 5 people come and go. I dint want to be one of those statics. I know there is another job somewhere out there for me. However I really did enjoy that one. I am just more upset they think (and can) treat people like that.
I'm trying to make lemonade out of lemons so hello Etsy shop! I will be opening one soon, and I will keep everyone posted.
Whiskey doesn't know what do with me being home though. Its kinda cute.

When life gives you lemons, have a tequila shot


  1. Ugh. I was wondering what was wrong :( At least you don't have to work for such a jerk anymore!

  2. Ha! Thanks Kelly. I forgot some on you are facebook friends.
    You got that last part right for sure.

  3. I've had that happen to me. Working for an asshole is the pits, you're much better off! I hope you're ok :(

  4. :( Hope you find a new job with people that appreciate you.

  5. Ugh, that sucks! I hate office politics! Unfair things happen to good hardworking people just because they don't want to be ass kissers. This will give you a chance to regroup and find something better. Good luck!

  6. thats some bull crap :( you dont deserve that and they dont deserve you!!

    dont worry you will find a better job katie!!
    hugs and kisses from butterball and benny

  7. Ugh I'm sorry...I thought that's what happened, but I wasn't sure. But that is ridiculous they fired you for that reason. A lot of places are like that unfortunately. I hope you find something so much better soon, though! *hugs*

  8. Thank you to everyone for the great words of encouragment and support!! Love you all! We're a happy little blog family! You all mad me so happy and cheered me up