Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Whiskey has always been a picky eater, but yesterday took the cake.
When I first got her she use to scarf down her food, afraid someone would take it away or that it might be her last meal. Now that she has learned she will ALWAYS get fed twice a day. Last night I fed her at her normal 7:30 time. At that time we were also preparing our dinner.
Let me side track for a moment- Whiskey was confused all together because mommy was home all day.
So while we were finishing up setting the table with our dinner, Whiskey was suppose to be eating hers.... suppose to. She decided she liked the smell of our dinner more. Off she trots into the kitchen. I had to heard the herding dog over back to her dish and specifically tell her "finish your dinner." She'd take a bite, look at me and try to walk back into the kitchen. Fine. My family and I sat down for dinner and I put the gate up in my room because I was going to treat her like a 2 year old. She was going to learn that she was not going to get any yummy people food unless she finished her food. Well she acted like a 2 year old. She barked and barked. I said she was just going to have to bark it out and get tired. My parents didn't want to listen to a barking dog all durning dinner. So she won. She got let out of my room and got the circle the kitchen table full of yummy smells. Once dinner was done I broke up a few green pepper slices and threw them in her bowl too and told her to finish her dinner. And she did. Its just so funny to see her actions change since I first got her. It just reassures my prediction that she was just a dog to make puppies. That she was probably kept in a kennel all the time unless there was a male involved. She probably had to fight for her food. Now with all this freedom and knowing she is always going to have a meal she is really able to enjoy life and be a dog.


  1. awwww butters knows barking will get his way too....everyone get tired of it and gives in to him...he even barks until benny leaves his toys alone....
    not sure how to make it stop -_-

  2. Winnie will skip a meal or two each week. I'm actually thankful that she is a self regulating eater and will likely not turn into a chubby puppy. At first it would bother me but I got over it. If she skips one... she skips one. She'll eat again next time when she's hungry. I HAVE noticed that she never skips a meal on a day that she's had a lot of exercize. Perhaps taking Wiskey for an extra walk if she's not eating is the ticket. Or maybe you could try putting her kibble into a treat-toy. That way it's fun but she's not getting her way with the people food. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck!