Friday, September 3, 2010

Is it just me....

Is it just me or do you guys do it too? When I go to the pet store (or any store that sells dog toys), even if its just to pick something up for the cats. Anytime I go to the pet store I have to pick up something....anything for Whiskey. For example: yesterday my boyfriend needed kitty litter and asked if I needed anything from the store. My relpy: "wait until I get off so I can do with you."
"why what do you need?"
"nothing. just fun to look."
We walked out with a new toy for whiskey and a cooling bandanna. (all on clearance). Our Petco has an awesome clearance section. I also had to get some dog food for the picky little eater. Apparently she is getting bored of the other stuff and we have to keep telling her to finish her own dinner.
I know Karen of Butterball the Nutball has said that she will pick up anything that has a corgi on it. I am the same way. Here is south FLA there are not a lot of corgis around. I've seen 2 at the dog park before, so I get pretty excited when I see another corgi or something that has to do with corgis.

So now for the survey:
1. Do you pick something up for your puppers at the pet store every time you go?
2. Do you pick up things just cause they have that cute corgi smug on it?


  1. yay you mentioned me :)

    even shopping for paw it forward it was hard to keep all the toys away from the little guys so i have to buy them a toy to share -_- i cant resist my babies sad look.
    (if i ever have children im so screwed)

    my mom hates taking me to the pet store because i usually end up making her spend a fortune :)

  2. Totally. I feel bad if I don't at least bring him home some cheap dog toy in the impulse buy section :)

  3. hahahaha i know!!!!! YES and YES to both questions. i even act crazy somtimes and turn to bailey and ask him to pick something so we can get out of the store already. hahahhaha...

  4. I do all of the above. I will put a series of toys on the floor and ask Whiskey to pick one, cause I'm way to indecisive.

  5. Oh yeah, totally. It doesn't even have to be a dog store lol. This is why Sadie has so much stuff! But they're just SOOOO happy when they get presents!