Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dogs 101

A lot of the corgi blogs I follow I have read they are much like myself: first time dog owner, and corgi owner. The question I have is, why did you decide on a corgi for your first dog? I would love to hear your story of how this little legged, big eared, big smile dog got into your heart and home.

My story: I always wanted a dog. We always had cats, which I'm not complaining- I love my cats but I wanted more of a companion. I always knew I wanted a big dog. I was IN LOVE with huskies (and still am) for the longest time. But a husky in south FLA, not fair to that poor animal. So I had to rethink that decision. When I was about 13 one of our neighbors rescued a 3-legged dalmatian. They had 4 dogs already and couldn't handle 1 more. My parents hemmed and hawed over getting this dog. They thought a little too long because a few days later the dog was picked up by a couple in Cali with a huge plot of land for this 3-legged dog to run around as much as he wanted. My parents tell me they were "thinking" about adopting this dog after he found his forever home. Thanks mom and dad. I suppose it worked out for the best in the long long long run. Fast forward to today (for a moment) My current boyfriend (and probably the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with). He doesn't like dalmatians so much... when he was 7 one of his mean neighbors had a dalmatian that he trained to be not-so-friendly. One day playing in the street this dalmatian took off after him, jumped him in the street and went to bit his face but Josh blocked it with his arm. To make an even longer story short he has a HUGE permanent scar on his forearm from this dog. He doesn't even think pictures of dalmatians are cute. When dalmatians were on the animal planet TV show Dogs 101 came on we had to change channels. So tri-pod (yes that was his name) hope your having the life in California!
Back to my corgi story...sorry.
I had given up on getting a dog because I knew the only one I would get in my house was a small on that no one noticed and thought was a cat. And I don't do yappy little dogs.. no thank you.
On an episode of Dogs 101 were the corgis. I fell in love. It was a small enough to be an indoor dog, but still had the endurance to run around outside and who could resist that corgi face!!! I was in love! I was on the search for a corgi. I wanted a full blood corgi and more than likely wanted a rescue. I began looking on craigslist and petfinder. I was drawing blanks. So I looked into buying. There was an adorable corgi girl at the local pet store for $800.00 I love the little bugger, but I couldn't justify spending $800 on a dog. So I searched breeders, which has a slight lower cost that I could justify but they all lived 5 or more hours north of me- couldn't justify that. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to wait when Josh and I get our own place, because neither one of us wanted to stay in south FLA. One more search on petfinder and I find Roxie a 2 year old corgi. SO CUTE! I emailed the foster mom and she mailed back the application. When she received that back she said I sounded perfect. We set a time for a meet up and Roxie came home with me for a 2 week trail. First hurdle I had to get over was convincing my parents. That was like a 5 foot hurdle too but I made it! I called her foster mom and said she was staying if that was ok. She was more than happy that Roxie found a forever home. I still talk to her and send her pictures regularly. Roxie though was not going to do for a name... So the renaming began. I didn't want to confuse her too much by completely changing it up so I decided to try and keep the "ie" sound. Names on the final list were:
Caju (french for cashew)

We had a food theme going on. We settled on Whiskey, she seemed to respond best to it.
I still want another corgi perhaps from puppy-hood this time and Josh wants a bigger dog that he can take on looooong jogs. Alas those WILL have to wait until we get our own place.

What's your story? or How did you end up with a corgi of all dogs?


  1. Oh wow, I don't think I knew that Whiskey was a rescue! :) Such a cute story!

    I fell in love with corgis... probably 15 years ago (yikes!). We used to watch the Westminster Dog Show every year, and I'd always root for the corgi. My mom would get my corgi calendars for Christmas every year. Once I began dating my now husband, I got him on board to get a corgi someday since Ein from Cowboy Bebop was one :) As soon as we purchased our first home, I searched and searched until I found my Gibson puppy. The rest is history!

  2. my boyfriend introduced me to the breed and when i started to watch youtube videos of them....i had to have one :)

    litte butters was an expensive bugger!!