Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whiskey's job

Whiskey is my lil bug sniffer-outer. The other night it was time for "nite nite". I'm turning off the lights and Whiskey keeps playing with her blanket.
"No Whiskey its nite nite time."
She keep nosing it around the floor. Fine I'm going to go pick it up and put in back on her bed where it belongs (Because now it is in the middle of my rug). I pick up the one corner and out crawls a HUGE had to be 3 inch coca roach!
I jumped from where I was standing to my bed (a good 3 foot jump). Screaming and hollering and trying to hold on to Whiskey so she doesn't have a giant protein snack. Luckily my mom was still in the kitchen, grabbed a shoe and smushed it to smithereens. So that night and every night since Whiskey has been my bug finder- that is her most important job for my room.
Her other jobs include:
vacuum of any fallen food
alarm system
person greeter
cat chaser
and now- bug sniffer-outer


  1. CREEPY!! Dexter tried to eat a frog in my yard last night. S'ok though, I saved Mr. Croaklesworth. He was sophisticated.

  2. LOL too funny! Toby loves chasing any bug that flies :P He'll jump and try and bite them out of the air LOL

  3. HAHA Penny snaps flies out of the air too. But she won't go near anything that crawls.

  4. Yuck!!

    I wish Gibson would hunt bugs!

  5. Winnie catches flys. We call her Mr. Miahgie when she catches one. (totally misspelled, I'm sure)

    The new blog design looks good!

  6. She will go after anything that moves. bugs, flys, frogs, lizards. Some she goes after them like they are going to be playmates others she goes to eat.

  7. the boys dont seem to mind cats i've been walking them and they dont really pay them any attention.

    but bugs...oh my benny and butters hate bugs. they will chomp and flies and will jump on spiders(scars me) and even eat the bugs -_-

    they are definitly guard dogs (more benny) but once benny gets barking, butters joins in.

    oh and vacume....they are definitly good vacumes when it comes to food on the floor

  8. Ahhhhh one thing I don't miss about Florida: cockroaches!!! Yuck. But yay for your bug detector! Haha.