Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So today I decided to run some small errands and also decided that Whiskey could come with. The plan: Go to Walgreen to pick up pictures I had ordered. I brought my extra set of keys so I could leave the car on with the AC for Whiskey even though it was going to be an in-and-out kinda thing. I go in and at the photo counter are 2 women looking "ohh-ing & aww-ing" over the photos they ordered. They also have a cart full of stuff. When done looking at their pictures they ask if they can check out here. The cashier being nice said yes. I on the other hand didn't have time for that. Not only did they have a cart full the cashier moved slower than a snail. I know I left the air on and all but I didn't want to leave Whiskey in the car longer than I had to. So I'll go back later or another day. Next stop was the bank. I go to the drive up ask for a deposit slip (and also at this point Whiskey has her head stuck out my window looking at the speaker where the voice is coming from). Bank lady-"We don't give out deposit slips through the drive through any more." I have a blank stare I'm not sure what to do. "If you have a debit card you can make deposits through the ATM or someone inside can assist you."
I came through the drive though cause of the other little head you see sticking out my window (I didn't actually say it). Ok I'll go later or another day.
So striking out on those 2 I decided to take Whiskey to the big park for her to run around a little. Drive up to the park and its closed.... All broward county parks are closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Of course how could I have forgotten. ARG! Fine we'll go to the little park (which I actually had a good reason to not go there in the first place.) We head out and she is running and rolling and playing and just having a fun old time. Until....she spots the yucky lake. And off she goes there is no stopping her. Well at least she was having some fun. She is going to the groomers tomorrow.
Maybe better luck tomorrow for me.


  1. Blerg. That stresses me out just thinking about it. I hate days like that!!

  2. I hate when taht stuff happens!!! especially oh when you go somewhere to get something and they are sold out! oh and i hate the closed dog parks (we have one that closes every time a drop falls from the sky). ahhaha.... anyways i can empathasize......... but im sure whiskey enjoyed the car ride! :)