Monday, September 20, 2010

Team Spirit

Gibson over at Corgi Butts shows his team spirit by sporting a colts collar. I was on my shopping excursion to pick up material to make my dog collar flower and bows. I was looking in the clearance bin of scrap pieces of fabric when I came across the FL dolphins. It didn't have a price on in and it was a tiny scrap, so I took it up front to see how big it was. It was a long semi-skinny piece. I asked the cashier how much it would come out to... $2.99. OK SOLD! If it didn't work out it wasn't big splurge of money. I got home and immediately too one of her other coats to use as a guide line. Once I took the dolphin material and cut it into 2 semi-skinny pieces and sewed them together. It was the perfect amount! I found some old white corduroy material and used that as the backing. I finished her little coat just in time - "daddy" (my boyfriend) and "grandpa" (my dad) came in to see her sporting the FL team spirit. My dad hates it when I dress up the dog, but this time he thought it was cool. (of course right?). I was quite proud of myself for what I did. It looks professional.
Now I am not a huge football fan- I could care less about football but for $2.99 I couldn't pass it up. My boyfriend works at the arena when the Panthers play hockey so he's going to see if he can get me a Panther's fleece blanket to make her a Panther's coat. Because we both are HUGE hockey fans! Marlins will be next. :-)

My Model
I plan on putting orange ruffles on it around with butt so she will be noticed as a GIRL.

PS. Also the etsy shop wil be going soon. Im still in the midst of getting enough things done, and prices figured out. Keep you all posted.


  1. haha she doesn't look pleased, but the coat looks amazing!!! Sell these too!! hehe :)

  2. That looks awesome!! You're great at this stuff! :)

  3. awww she looks so sad hahaha

    you did an amazing job on it :)

  4. love it! we are a colts fan too (my uncle used to live there!!)

  5. Yeah, I'm not much into football either but I had to humor my boyfriend and buy a Dolphins bandana for Stanley. Go Dolphins! heehee :)

  6. I bet college teams would sell like hot cakes!