Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Park Day

On Thursday Whiskey and I took a short little walk to the park down the street. No one else was there so she had free roam, however there is a lake at this park so there were a few times where I had to chase her down. She would "subtly" walk towards the lake and I'd tell her "Whiskey no." She would look back and just keep trotting like I cant hear you. After a few round ups away from the lake I caught her attention when I decided to swing. She didn't quite know what to make of this, she started jumping up on my legs and in an essence pushing me. After that we went to the jungle gym. Her favorite part. I took a few pictures on here so I'll let them speak

Strike a pose
Uh... not so sure about this mom...
Here I come!!!
We gots to go through the tunnel to the other side.
Yea not so sure about this again...
I'll just guard post here. :-)


  1. Hehe so cute! Sadie loves the lake at our dog park :)

  2. This is like dog agility on crack.

  3. hehehe looks like fun :)

    i love her!