Monday, November 16, 2009

Art in the Park

My town puts on every year (with the exception of last, because of the economy). This year is the 42nd annual. I have been going to it since Kindergarten, and my parents longer than that. When I was in grade school it was sort of "mandatory" for all students in the art classes to put in alteast one piece. I did enter pieces all through my grade school years, and one year (I believe 7th) I won a second place ribbon for a replica piece of Monet's. I am so proud of myself. :-)
Its only a one weekend a year deal, but they have great artist that come and show their creations. Waaaaay back when my parents went they got some framed (and autographed) photo prints from a guy named, Clyd Butcher. Now this photographer is very world wide known for more of his black and white everglade pictures.
This year there were a lot of great creative products to look at and buy. I bought some super-yummy-smelly soaps that have great designs within them. There were also so great photo prints, and paintings. Who knows, maybe one of these artist will be the next big thing. I cant wait for next year!


  1. Oh, I wish I could've come with you. Did you at least take some pictures for me??

    PS, maybe one of these days you'll enter something or become the next big thing? ;)

    (Oh, and WHY were you up at 5:34 am?)

  2. Hi Katie~
    It was a delight talking to you and your mother at the Art in the Park show! I'm glad to hear that you guys will be taking a ceramics class. Have fun experimenting with the clay! Stop by and show me some of your pieces next year at the Art in the Park show.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Happy day!

  3. I defintly want up at 5:45 am. The time on the blog is wrong. The staying open late blog I wrote at 9:50am.