Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Staying open late

As you know from previous blogs I work in clothing retail. I had to go in for the closing shift last night. Still not feeling good and for about 2 hours I couldn't move anything below my stomach, I crawled myself to work (I NEED the hours). I get to work to a complete hurricane disaster of a store. I sneezed and had to dig through 3 inches of papers to find them. I was tripping over at least 5 boxes of new stuff and the clothes hanging outside (The store resembled a middles-schoolers room). In the meantime there were 4 of us there, no one could clean up a little? So I get to work organizing, I hate a cluttered mess, especially at work, and when I can even reach the register. A few hours later and now there are just 2 of us working. We had to put out a new collection of clothes for boys and girls (by Tori Spelling). Whoever packed these boxes has a serious problem...the clothes were just thrown in there any size any style. Actually it looked like Tori Spelling's kids packed the boxes, they may have actually done a better job. So we have to look at the line board drawings (thank God for those) and piece together the groups that way. Finally I get my 4-way of boys clothes arranged perfectly and just on time to close (9:15pm). I pack up the extra box I didn't get to and start the closing on one register... Then my boss lays this on me: "Let's stay open a little longer"
"Yea, we just need little more to make the day, lets stay open"
"Uh, no. I'm closing at 9:30"
"No we are staying open"
Not much more that I can do, she's the store manager.
"I'm not feeling well. I am going home"
"Fine you can clock out at 9:45"
Ok I'm ok with that. I finish fixing all the clothes and re-folding what got crumpled in the back of the shelf. 9:45 rolls around and this is my response:
"Ok let's count the drawers"
::blink blink:: "excuse me"
"count down the drawer"
(thinking to myself...arg!) Fine I count my drawer I'm usually pretty fast. I count I'm done, I'm ready to clock out. NOOOOO I have to finish the closing procedure while she does I don't know what!
I finish without a single word. I take the money back finish all that and then my boss moseys on in all nice and slow. I walk past her and go immediately to clock out. We close the gate, I lock my side and get ready to walk off.
"Oh wait, you have to do the other side, I forgot my key"
We walk out together and I txt on my phone to avoid any other kind of conversation with her. I get to my car and call mommy to vent.
And here's the real kicker, the nice 20 minutes later we stayed open to make the extra money, No one came in! I told her that, the mall was dead no one was outside they were all going t their car.
I clocked out at 10pm... I get home at 10pm. I was livid, and then ofcourse of top of that I am getting over my horrible cold.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about that. But, damn... you are a fast driver to get home at 10. And, at least you get over-time (right?) for staying those extras hours...

  2. Eh... not really over time, more as just extra hours.