Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lovely-ness of a 5 year old boyfriend

Today my boyfriend and I had a busy day. First off we had to go to health clinic to see if we could get him a grant to help pay for medical cost. Apparently if you are working and white that feat is almost impossible. We have been getting the run-around from this clinic for the past month. We go get the "done" as much as possible for one day before I start screaming and yelling and making a scene. When we get home, we are both mentally exhausted so we decide to take a nap. We wake up for lunch, then the boyfriend has to go get a haircut for the Christmas card picture we were taking today. We get his hair cute (and might I add that he looked very sexy), get home and then my pup-pup needs a bath, she was majorly stinky. We give her a bath clean her up, dry her off, and finish the backdrop for our pictures. Now at this point it is 5:30pm. No where during this day did my lovely boyfriend mention that he had to go to work 4-8pm! He mentions it now at 5:30pm!!! That his 2 bosses keep calling his phone.

Me: absolutely clueless- "what?"
BF: They keep calling me to come in.
Me: Why?
BF: Because I was supposed to be there from 4-8.
Me: EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!

I had asked him to take the FULL day off because of our clinic appointment and the pictures. I took a full day off.

Me:Well what are you going to do?
BF: staring off into space I guessI got to go in.
Me: evil, I'm gonna kill you stare. I thought I asked you to take the day off?
BF: I'll be back and we'll do the pictures when I come back

He gets off at 8; then he has to go home 8:30 then he has to shower 9; then he has to get to my house 9:30; then we have to finish prepping 10!!!!

How hard is it to get a boy to do what you want the first time you ask. I swear I feel like I'm raising a 5 year old, just bigger and stronger, and can easily overpower me.

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