Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bath Time

Kelly of Corgi Butts had put up a post of her corgi, Gibson after a bath and I was cracking up laughing through the whole thing and decided to put one of Whiskey next time she got a bath. She does this run, nose dive into the carpet, slide and roll. She also like the bite and play tug of war with the towel. It is quite comical. Its not a real long video, because there was a lot of talking going on in my house that day, and she only got a mini bath. But here it is:


  1. I love corgi-post-bath behavior :-)
    very cute

  2. Hehe, ah yes, the 'nose slide & roll'. classic Corgi style :)

  3. Hahaahahahaha this is so cute!! Sadie does this too, and runs around turbo charged haha. Adorable. Thanks for sharing!