Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is a Highway

This past Wednesday we (the boyfriend, me, and Whiskey) decided to take much needed trip to GA to see my bestest friend, her husband, and pup-son. We left FL around 7pm Wednesday night to spend the night at another friend's place in Jacksonville. (So it wouldn't be the long annoying and tedious drive it would be otherwise). We basically split the trip in half. Driving at night has its advantages and disadvantages:
+less traffic
-dark, so = sleepy

Overall it was a good drive, we made it one piece, I started getting sleepy the last 30 minutes of he drive, but I knew if I got in the passenger I would just be wide awake.
Now let me just say: Whiskey is an AMAZING car dog. She does awesome. She slept most of the ride, but would perk up every once in a while to peak out the window. She ate her dinner before we got on the road and I wanted her to do her business before then as well. That part didn't work out so well. We hit a rest stop about half way through cause she was moving round a lot in the back and scratching at the window, so I'm thinking she has to potty. We get there and waste a good 20 minutes of driving time to let her wander, sniff, roll, sniff some more, finally I had it and pulled her back in the car. We finally reach Jacksonville, settle in a little and take her out for a walk (its about midnight), she is still not "producing".
We sleep for the night, she gets some breakfast, and out for the walk we go. Finally she is back on schedule.
We load up into the already loaded car and off to GA we go.
Only, about an hour and half out of Jacksonville the treads on my tire decide they are going to pull off. Thankfully the tire didn't explode or pop or anything like that and we pulled off to the shoulder for safety. The sound it made was horrifing and the fact that it felt like we just ran over something jumbled the whole car. Whiskey got so spooked I swear she peed herself and her bed that she was laying on. Funny in on regard, Oh shit in another. We unload the trunk of my car and prepare to put the spare tire on. No tire iron, you know the thing you use to take the lug nuts off the and put them back on, yea that thing, kind of important. So we have a few options:
1. wait so some good samaritan to pull over and help
2. call a tow company
3. call the police
4. call mommy and whine and complain

I chose option 4. While taking to mommy I asked about out insurance's "roadside assistance". So I call our insurance and they just basically tell me to tall a tow truck and they will reimburse that cost. OK! Call a tow truck out, he is there is half an hour, changes the tire without the blink of an eye, and off we go to Tire Kingdom to get this donut tire replaced, because there was no way I was driving the rest of the way to GA in a donut. After almost 2 hours at Tire Kingdom we are back on the road to GA. I will admit I was a little scared the rest of he trip thinking this would happen again, but so far so good. We get to GA without any further complications, except the minor argument the boyfriend and I had in the car when I told him to get into the right lane because the exit was coming up and he just took the next exit he saw (wrong one!) and we ended up at the Army post entrance ID check. (yea, just a little scary with big tall people in uniforms checking IDs. It must happen pretty often though because we just told them the road we needed and they flagged us in the right direction an let us make a u-turn.

Things since being in GA have been a lot of fun. First and foremost I get to see my best friend! (YAY!). They took us around to a few places around town, and to the Army base which was quite fascinating and I am not a history person, it was like we had our own personal tour and tour guide. The only bummer part is the rain that decided to come on this specific weekend.
Whiskey does tend to have other dog aggression (it leads me to believe she was NEVER properly socialized as a puppy). So with their dog Mickey, its been a little tense, there have only been 2 or 3 major scuffles, but no bloodshed. Whiskey get put up in the room whenever she acts up too aggressively. Most of the fights have been over toys or attention. Their dog Mickey is about twice he size of Whiskey and will back away from her, but all he wants to do it play, he is still a puppy. Whiskey has done well with playing a few times, she kind of gets the hang of it for a little while then gives up on the concept. We take them out on walks together and they are good with that, they can walk next to each other without any problems. We also went to a park here that has a lake and we let them both off lease and they did very well together, I was quite pleased. Whiskey of course went swimming in the lake an Mickey followed suit splashing around.
Overall it has been a GREAT, AWESOME, FANTASTIC trip. I am bummed we have to leave tomorrow and look forward to a 10 hour drive home. We will be back up and I know they will come back down.
Pictures will be up soon, but the visit is not over yet! :-)

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