Friday, April 16, 2010

One Proud Mamma!

Today Whiskey mastered the "give me paw" and "speak"!!! I am one proud mamma. My mom (Grammie) was on the phone when she first gave me paw without me picking it up and I screamed, Grammie came running in asking what was wrong. "She gave me paw, she gave me paw" I said jumping up and down. Grammie rolled her eyes and told the friend on the phone it was nothing urgently wrong. After she was done with her phone conversation she came in to see the miracle trick in person, and she was pretty proud herself. Now the "speak" command isn't exactly speak in Whiskey's book, I tried and tried with that word "speak" and it never seems to click, so I chose a different phrase that I know she will bark at (cause I was annoying my boyfriend aka daddy with it the other day). "You tell 'em" and she barks loud and proud. Same outcome just different start, but I think it works. :-) Anyways I am ONE PROUD MAMMA!!!!

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