Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whiskey's Day Out- the full story

Thursday both Josh and I had off so we made it a fun relaxing park day. We went to a local park with Whiskey, who seemed to enjoy it so much! It was is a big park, so there was a lot of walking and exercise. Being such a big park we would take Whiskey off the leash who does so well with following us or waiting for us to catch up. Especially with a squeaky ball in hand to catch her attention. The park has a few small lakes, watering holes, ponds. While Whiskey was rolling around in a patch of grass and we walked up ahead, we glace back and puppy is no longer in the grass... PANIC, "UT-oh!"
Look to the pond and who else is wading in the water, slithering through some weeds! That's great, wonderful, I am so glad she likes the water and is a "water dog". Why? you ask: We have a lake house in central FL that we visit every summer, and I can NOT wait to go visit with my best friend, her husband, and puppy. Ok I digress, back to Whiskey's Day Out. It was a hot day outside so for her to be wading in the water was a good way to cool off. Until that is, she started swimming out further into the middle of the pond.
My exact words when this happened: "Josh you better start taking your shoes and socks off and go in after her!"
And so he did, he ran into the water grabbed out little water bug and on went the leash. He stayed wading in the water for a little bit longer to let her swim around and explore some more.

The park was a blast! We had so much fun and we will be doing it again.

After the park, we went to the beach for a little bit, that she didn't seem to like so much: the waves, the sand, the wind, the noise.
Not her cup of tea. She really is MY dog, we are lake people, and dog. Across from where we were at the beach was a little access canal that had no waves and was knee deep all the way through, that she enjoyed.

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  1. Aww Sadie loves the lake, too! She is getting more used to the ocean now, but still prefers a calm lake :)