Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bath Time

Kelly of Corgi Butts had put up a post of her corgi, Gibson after a bath and I was cracking up laughing through the whole thing and decided to put one of Whiskey next time she got a bath. She does this run, nose dive into the carpet, slide and roll. She also like the bite and play tug of war with the towel. It is quite comical. Its not a real long video, because there was a lot of talking going on in my house that day, and she only got a mini bath. But here it is:

Life is a Highway

This past Wednesday we (the boyfriend, me, and Whiskey) decided to take much needed trip to GA to see my bestest friend, her husband, and pup-son. We left FL around 7pm Wednesday night to spend the night at another friend's place in Jacksonville. (So it wouldn't be the long annoying and tedious drive it would be otherwise). We basically split the trip in half. Driving at night has its advantages and disadvantages:
+less traffic
-dark, so = sleepy

Overall it was a good drive, we made it one piece, I started getting sleepy the last 30 minutes of he drive, but I knew if I got in the passenger I would just be wide awake.
Now let me just say: Whiskey is an AMAZING car dog. She does awesome. She slept most of the ride, but would perk up every once in a while to peak out the window. She ate her dinner before we got on the road and I wanted her to do her business before then as well. That part didn't work out so well. We hit a rest stop about half way through cause she was moving round a lot in the back and scratching at the window, so I'm thinking she has to potty. We get there and waste a good 20 minutes of driving time to let her wander, sniff, roll, sniff some more, finally I had it and pulled her back in the car. We finally reach Jacksonville, settle in a little and take her out for a walk (its about midnight), she is still not "producing".
We sleep for the night, she gets some breakfast, and out for the walk we go. Finally she is back on schedule.
We load up into the already loaded car and off to GA we go.
Only, about an hour and half out of Jacksonville the treads on my tire decide they are going to pull off. Thankfully the tire didn't explode or pop or anything like that and we pulled off to the shoulder for safety. The sound it made was horrifing and the fact that it felt like we just ran over something jumbled the whole car. Whiskey got so spooked I swear she peed herself and her bed that she was laying on. Funny in on regard, Oh shit in another. We unload the trunk of my car and prepare to put the spare tire on. No tire iron, you know the thing you use to take the lug nuts off the and put them back on, yea that thing, kind of important. So we have a few options:
1. wait so some good samaritan to pull over and help
2. call a tow company
3. call the police
4. call mommy and whine and complain

I chose option 4. While taking to mommy I asked about out insurance's "roadside assistance". So I call our insurance and they just basically tell me to tall a tow truck and they will reimburse that cost. OK! Call a tow truck out, he is there is half an hour, changes the tire without the blink of an eye, and off we go to Tire Kingdom to get this donut tire replaced, because there was no way I was driving the rest of the way to GA in a donut. After almost 2 hours at Tire Kingdom we are back on the road to GA. I will admit I was a little scared the rest of he trip thinking this would happen again, but so far so good. We get to GA without any further complications, except the minor argument the boyfriend and I had in the car when I told him to get into the right lane because the exit was coming up and he just took the next exit he saw (wrong one!) and we ended up at the Army post entrance ID check. (yea, just a little scary with big tall people in uniforms checking IDs. It must happen pretty often though because we just told them the road we needed and they flagged us in the right direction an let us make a u-turn.

Things since being in GA have been a lot of fun. First and foremost I get to see my best friend! (YAY!). They took us around to a few places around town, and to the Army base which was quite fascinating and I am not a history person, it was like we had our own personal tour and tour guide. The only bummer part is the rain that decided to come on this specific weekend.
Whiskey does tend to have other dog aggression (it leads me to believe she was NEVER properly socialized as a puppy). So with their dog Mickey, its been a little tense, there have only been 2 or 3 major scuffles, but no bloodshed. Whiskey get put up in the room whenever she acts up too aggressively. Most of the fights have been over toys or attention. Their dog Mickey is about twice he size of Whiskey and will back away from her, but all he wants to do it play, he is still a puppy. Whiskey has done well with playing a few times, she kind of gets the hang of it for a little while then gives up on the concept. We take them out on walks together and they are good with that, they can walk next to each other without any problems. We also went to a park here that has a lake and we let them both off lease and they did very well together, I was quite pleased. Whiskey of course went swimming in the lake an Mickey followed suit splashing around.
Overall it has been a GREAT, AWESOME, FANTASTIC trip. I am bummed we have to leave tomorrow and look forward to a 10 hour drive home. We will be back up and I know they will come back down.
Pictures will be up soon, but the visit is not over yet! :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whiskey's Day Out- the full story

Thursday both Josh and I had off so we made it a fun relaxing park day. We went to a local park with Whiskey, who seemed to enjoy it so much! It was is a big park, so there was a lot of walking and exercise. Being such a big park we would take Whiskey off the leash who does so well with following us or waiting for us to catch up. Especially with a squeaky ball in hand to catch her attention. The park has a few small lakes, watering holes, ponds. While Whiskey was rolling around in a patch of grass and we walked up ahead, we glace back and puppy is no longer in the grass... PANIC, "UT-oh!"
Look to the pond and who else is wading in the water, slithering through some weeds! That's great, wonderful, I am so glad she likes the water and is a "water dog". Why? you ask: We have a lake house in central FL that we visit every summer, and I can NOT wait to go visit with my best friend, her husband, and puppy. Ok I digress, back to Whiskey's Day Out. It was a hot day outside so for her to be wading in the water was a good way to cool off. Until that is, she started swimming out further into the middle of the pond.
My exact words when this happened: "Josh you better start taking your shoes and socks off and go in after her!"
And so he did, he ran into the water grabbed out little water bug and on went the leash. He stayed wading in the water for a little bit longer to let her swim around and explore some more.

The park was a blast! We had so much fun and we will be doing it again.

After the park, we went to the beach for a little bit, that she didn't seem to like so much: the waves, the sand, the wind, the noise.
Not her cup of tea. She really is MY dog, we are lake people, and dog. Across from where we were at the beach was a little access canal that had no waves and was knee deep all the way through, that she enjoyed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Proud Mamma!

Today Whiskey mastered the "give me paw" and "speak"!!! I am one proud mamma. My mom (Grammie) was on the phone when she first gave me paw without me picking it up and I screamed, Grammie came running in asking what was wrong. "She gave me paw, she gave me paw" I said jumping up and down. Grammie rolled her eyes and told the friend on the phone it was nothing urgently wrong. After she was done with her phone conversation she came in to see the miracle trick in person, and she was pretty proud herself. Now the "speak" command isn't exactly speak in Whiskey's book, I tried and tried with that word "speak" and it never seems to click, so I chose a different phrase that I know she will bark at (cause I was annoying my boyfriend aka daddy with it the other day). "You tell 'em" and she barks loud and proud. Same outcome just different start, but I think it works. :-) Anyways I am ONE PROUD MAMMA!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whiskey's Day Out

Whiskey had a fun filled pack day today! We went to a local park, walked around, and she went swimming. We had some lunch at Quiznos and sat at the table outside so pup-pup could be with us. We went home took a little nap and off the the beach to finish the day. This will be a very short post because I myself am TIRED, but worry not, pictures and videos will be up tomorrow. I just wanted to blog about Whiskey's eventful day, and her wonderful swimming skills. :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boyfriend's Birthday

Saturday was the boyfriend's birthday, and every year I try to make him a nice over the top birthday cake. The first year we were together for his birthday I made him a HUGE orange bundt cake.

Second year we started the star wars theme. (He's a nerd). He has that design as a tattoo. It the rebel force (good side) in star wars.

So this year I had to go over the top and beat everything and surprise him. Well he sure was surprised, shocked, in totally awe. He thought his cake was Mr. T at first. It's Chewbacca for the record. First time with fondant too.

Looks like next year I'm gonna have to call Ace of Cakes Duff.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Found it!!!

A few months ago I posted a blog asking anyone and searching for a tag clip to transfer the tags easily from collar to collar. I was at Petco not even thinking about one of those and I look over and ::que angel choir singing Hallelujah:: It is simply called the Tag Holder. I love it, its perfect its exactly what I have been looking for. It is located in the pet collar/harness isle.

On another note we took Whiskey swimming today...well kinda. We planned on taking her to the park, but there was another dog there that she is not friendly with, so we decided to go to the other people park. It is spring break so there were a lot of people and kids there. So we decided to go to the little wooded area where there is a fishing/duck pond. I took her off the leash and let her wander a little, then she spotted the birds. We leashed her back up and walked to the waters edge, before I knew it she was half way in the yucky water and rolling around in the mud. I guess it was unofficial bath day. After letting her roll some more we loaded up in the car, went to Toys R Us and got her a kiddie plastic pool (the last one left). We got home and loaded up the pool with all sorts of toys to entice her, including a rubber ducky. She would jump in grab a toy and jump out. So...we took her inside the porch to the real pool, with doggy life vest on and boyfriend in the not so warm water we took her in. I was a nervous mother of course but daddy had it under control. He took her out just a few feet from the edge and SHE CAN SWIM! Yes I am one proud mama!! She had a hard time climbing out of the pool with the vest so we gave it a shot without it, and she can still swim and float and not sink. I'm sorry I had my doubts I thought she would sink. She wasn't too fond of the water in he first place, but she is getting better and daddy had fun with her. So here are pictures of her first swimming lesson. We have a lake house and I can NOT wait until we go up there with her.

and Whiskey