Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are people crazy?

The people and actions I have encounter at work today:

First of all I go to throw away our trash, as I am down to two bags (completely full). A guy a few stores down comes out throws one lightly filled trash bag into the dumpster and with the door open pushes the button for compress and while I am walking out with two more handfuls of garbge bags. I didn't even realize what was going on until it was too late and he was already back in his store. So I quickly threw my two bags in and slammed the door shut. I couldn't believe what had just happened- not to mention someone could have gotten hurt, but how extremely rude it was.

Second: I have a Spanish Jewish mom, grandma, and little boy and girl in the store. Seems harmless you say. Well let me tell you... First the little boy has on a yellow easter straw hat and running around wearing it. The mother and/or grandmother would grab a bunch for clothes from here there and everywhere then decide "I don't like them" and just drape them over whichever rack they are nearest. After finding these piles and twice asking them if it is theirs and if they are going to purchase they say yes and if I can put them on the counter. Ok. Again, no big deal. Until check out (which thank god I was on break for and my poor kind coworker had the pleasure of dealing with). I come out and there is a gi-norous pile of clothes still on the counter. I ask "they coming back". Shirley shakes her head with a frown. Are you serious !?!?!? And when I say pile I don't mean 10 items I mean more like close to 50!!! Yes 50! Oh thank goodness I didn't take care of her at the register. I would have told her to put it all back herself.

Lastly: I have a lady (again seems harmless) with a 4 years old (maybe) in the stroller. Little girl has an ice filled water bottle. I walk to the back to get a box and there is lake MI in the middle of my store. "what??" So I go get the mop and soak it up. I come back to discover the culprit, the girl in the stroller, who is squeezing the bottle to make the ice "jump". I just roll my eyes and move on. Next the lady is at the register paying, again not paying attention to her little darling. I come to the counter to get a binder and she is playing with some shorts next to her. Why? My mind irks me. Then I notice something that shouldn't be: the shorts are dripping...water. Oh no no! I open my mouth this time: "miss you might want to watch your kid and the water, she just dumped some all over these shorts." Yea, mom doesn't care, the fake "oh I'm so sorry". While I am on the floor cleaning darling's mess. I got to the back with the binder I came up for and come back and apparently the mom told my co-worker, Shirley that she lost the cap to it.
It must be a full moon or just act crazy day and I didn't get the memo cause people all day have been like that.

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