Thursday, March 4, 2010


Whiskey, my corgi, knows the basic commands: sit, lay down, up/dance, and roll over. For the past few weeks I have been trying to teach a few new ones: speak and shake. She almost has the speak down, she does more of a little low growly bark, but none-the-less she "said" something. The shake, she has NO clue what to do, I try putting the treat in my first and putting it near her paw, she just ends up nosing it, sniffing it, and licking my hand up and down. Which leads me to my question: Can corgi's shake? You know with those little bitty legs and all. Just curious, and will keep trying for it


  1. They definitely can shake :) I've never use the word 'shake' though. I've always said, "give me your paw" and then "give the the other one". Or just "Paw" and "Other". To teach Gibson, I just took his paw in my hand, said, "give me your paw" and gave him a treat. Just keep doing that and they'll associate paw w/treat and will start 'giving it to you'. After you mastered that you can move on to the awesome 'high five!' :)

  2. I've seen videos on line. I think it can be done. Do you do Agility? If Whiskey is that well trained, he would probably love agility!
    Hoosier hugs,