Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kennel aka House

We got Whiskey back in October, and at the time I borrowed a kennel from my neighbor that seemed like he didn't need anymore. Well the other day he knocks on the door and needs it back, because of moving. OK that's fine because we never really bought ir from him, we were just borrowing it. Whiskey now does not have a house. She is kennel trained very well and its like her own bedroom, she stays in there when we are not home. So this posed a problem, we have so far "jerry-rigged" a baby gate across my door way (I have no door to my room) with a piece of plywood (that has other intended purposes), but she seems to do very well with it, she treats it like any old regualr door or wall. We have places he plush bed, blanket, and pillow in the same spot her house was. Last night I get ready for bed, tell her to go "in her house" and she laid down on her bed. I thought that perhaps since there is no "house" she would wander out through the night and try to cuddle with me, nope. She stayed in her "house" all night. (I will admitt I am quite amazed). But however good she has been, I would still like to get her a real (as in not imaginary) house. I have been out all day looking at garage sales, craigslist, consignment shops... and not luck (so far). This week my work schedule isn't too bad so the set up we have right now should work until Saturday-garage sale day. The only problem that might arise, is if a cat jumps over the barrier, but then again that would be their own fault. We did leave her all alone in the house with the cats while we went looking around, and all animals are intact, and safe-no bloodshed.


  1. We bought Mickey's pen at PetSmart for $80, and it's the best investment ever. Just a thought.

  2. Thanks for the thought, I dont think a pen would enclose Whiskey for long, she is a weseal at figuring things out. Im surprised the plywood gate has lasted as long as it has. I really like the kennel she had. lol

  3. I use kid gates and the cats seem to know they are safe from Herman.