Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Lazy Day

Today has been a day off from work. I had it all planned out: go get blood work done for Dr. Had a meeting. Have boyfriend come over, then enjoy a day at the doggy park. Well half the day went according to plan, the other half, not so much, but it was still a good day. Boyfriend got called into work, and it rained most of the morning so the park was out of the question. (I'm sorry I don't do smelly wet dog). So the nice pitter patter of the rain induced a nice lazy nap. When me an the pup-pup woke up, it was nice bright and sunny. We took a walk down to the local little park and she found a new best friend. Jeffy a 3-year old little boy that wore her out! YAY for me, because its more nap time for Whiskey while I make dinner. The little boy was climbing the jungle gym (is that what they are still called?) and Whiskey wanted to follow. so we climbed up and went down a slide or 2. (My butt does not fit in those too well anymore). Walking back we saw our neighbor Jack and his doggy Molly, so we just had to say hello. Then Molly got a tiny but to close for comfort for Whiskey and she snarled and barked and onward we walked. So now she is curled up on MY bed sleeping, while I get to sit on the (not-so) comfy couch. But overall it was quite a productive day if you ask me. :-)

On a rather random side note: I'd like to make a few shout outs to a few blogs I follow. Just things that they have posted that I think is some pretty cool information.

First of all: Corgi Butts I love Gibson and Kelly both. Gibson is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen and have the best expressions in all of her photos. Kelly has some amazing information and ideas for fellow Corgi owners.

Second: is Love Actually "a romantic on a budget". She has some really good ideas to surprise your significant other or just simple things to do for them. You may also want to show this blog to your significant other and let them get some romantic ideas for you. ;-)

Hope everyone has a good happy Tuesday!
(Pictures of Whiskey coming soon).

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