Sunday, March 28, 2010

A nice customer

As seem in previous blogs I deal with a lot of difficult and annoying people. Today I had the complete opposite. She was the last guest of the night. Her daughter was in one of the fitting rooms trying on clothes. She was putting a dress back on the rack with an armful of clothes. I asked if I could help her, she said no she was heading to the register. She was also waiting for her daughter to come out of the fitting room. I said I heard soon hangers clanking together and that's when this mom told me that there were clothes in there before her daughter got in and that is what she was putting back. The daughter- all the hanger clanking, she was gathering them for me. I was shocked, awe struck, my jaw hit the floor. I didn't know what to say but "thank you" a million times. It was a greaf feeling to have someone do something so little. Thank you to that very nice customer. And for everyone that reads this: just do something nice for someone in retail, or food. They will not expect it and they will be the happiest person alive. I closed and drove home the rest of the night with a smile on my face.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are people crazy?

The people and actions I have encounter at work today:

First of all I go to throw away our trash, as I am down to two bags (completely full). A guy a few stores down comes out throws one lightly filled trash bag into the dumpster and with the door open pushes the button for compress and while I am walking out with two more handfuls of garbge bags. I didn't even realize what was going on until it was too late and he was already back in his store. So I quickly threw my two bags in and slammed the door shut. I couldn't believe what had just happened- not to mention someone could have gotten hurt, but how extremely rude it was.

Second: I have a Spanish Jewish mom, grandma, and little boy and girl in the store. Seems harmless you say. Well let me tell you... First the little boy has on a yellow easter straw hat and running around wearing it. The mother and/or grandmother would grab a bunch for clothes from here there and everywhere then decide "I don't like them" and just drape them over whichever rack they are nearest. After finding these piles and twice asking them if it is theirs and if they are going to purchase they say yes and if I can put them on the counter. Ok. Again, no big deal. Until check out (which thank god I was on break for and my poor kind coworker had the pleasure of dealing with). I come out and there is a gi-norous pile of clothes still on the counter. I ask "they coming back". Shirley shakes her head with a frown. Are you serious !?!?!? And when I say pile I don't mean 10 items I mean more like close to 50!!! Yes 50! Oh thank goodness I didn't take care of her at the register. I would have told her to put it all back herself.

Lastly: I have a lady (again seems harmless) with a 4 years old (maybe) in the stroller. Little girl has an ice filled water bottle. I walk to the back to get a box and there is lake MI in the middle of my store. "what??" So I go get the mop and soak it up. I come back to discover the culprit, the girl in the stroller, who is squeezing the bottle to make the ice "jump". I just roll my eyes and move on. Next the lady is at the register paying, again not paying attention to her little darling. I come to the counter to get a binder and she is playing with some shorts next to her. Why? My mind irks me. Then I notice something that shouldn't be: the shorts are dripping...water. Oh no no! I open my mouth this time: "miss you might want to watch your kid and the water, she just dumped some all over these shorts." Yea, mom doesn't care, the fake "oh I'm so sorry". While I am on the floor cleaning darling's mess. I got to the back with the binder I came up for and come back and apparently the mom told my co-worker, Shirley that she lost the cap to it.
It must be a full moon or just act crazy day and I didn't get the memo cause people all day have been like that.

Monday, March 22, 2010


*hint hint* to Kelly of Corgi Butts I think someone is ready for their March calender debut

Oh and just a random note, I got Whiskey a new kennel, and bed, and she loves it! She is right at home. I still have the "gate" across my door for short trips to the store so she can lay on my bed.

Decisions decisions... HELP

Last night my phone crapped out on me. I really loved the phone that I had, but I knew the day was coming. I had to Motorola Q, it is great, had all the features I wanted, but I bought it used from a 3rd party because m at&t upgrade wasn't eligible yet. The moto Q runs on the windows mobile and like any windows software it needs to be updated. Well that is why mine has crapped out, its time for a new one. The windows on it is bogged down, and there is new technology that is taking it out. Like I said I love this phone but I know if I get another one with the same windows mobile its going to crap out on me again in a years time. So here is the problem, I am going totally new, I have it narrowed down to 2 options: iphone, and the samsung impression. So I am turning to you bloggers to help me with my decision and pro/con list. I NEED your opinions please.
Thank you.

World of retail

So for those of you who know, I work in childrens retail at a very busy tourist mall.
Here are just a few things I have to put up with, I mean encounted:

The other day I have a lady for Cananda, she wanted a particular shirt that was 30% off the tickey price ($28.00- it comes to $19.20). Apparently she didnt like this amount and proceeded to ask me "Is this the best deal you can do on it?"
Me: (I'm not feeling well, been fighting a cold for a week now): "Sorry ma'am no, we're not a flea market"
Needless to say...she didn't get the sarcasm.

Yesterday I have a mom and 2 kids, a boy and girl. Girl is sitting very nicely in the stroller...Brother on the other hand, not so nice. He had gathered up an armful of clothes and proceeded to shove them under one of our "furniture boxes" to "hide" what he had down, well I saw this. I marched over "Ahem! Is this stuff yours?"
Mom: "Oh no, ::insert kids name:: did you do this? I'm so sorry."
Me: "Yea ok"
Mom: "Put them back ::kids name::
Me: "No that's ok, I'd rather do it right the first time, and lets hope they aren't dirty."

Again...didn't get the sarcasm.
Not to be a bitch, but you can only put up with so much.
Like my friend stated it best: "It a whole bunch of bullshit, for very little money."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Herding dog or hound dog?

When I did my research on Corgis everything I read was they are herding dogs. Mine did not get the memo apparently. She thinks she is a hound dog, and must sniff EVERYTHING! It takes us 15 minutes to walk 3 houses down the street. She has to sniff every blade of grass, every bird poop stain on the sidewalk, and every car (parked) that we pass. Maybe she is 10% herding dog, cause anytime she sees a cat she runs after it to say "hello" and SNIFF. Works with ducks too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kennel aka House

We got Whiskey back in October, and at the time I borrowed a kennel from my neighbor that seemed like he didn't need anymore. Well the other day he knocks on the door and needs it back, because of moving. OK that's fine because we never really bought ir from him, we were just borrowing it. Whiskey now does not have a house. She is kennel trained very well and its like her own bedroom, she stays in there when we are not home. So this posed a problem, we have so far "jerry-rigged" a baby gate across my door way (I have no door to my room) with a piece of plywood (that has other intended purposes), but she seems to do very well with it, she treats it like any old regualr door or wall. We have places he plush bed, blanket, and pillow in the same spot her house was. Last night I get ready for bed, tell her to go "in her house" and she laid down on her bed. I thought that perhaps since there is no "house" she would wander out through the night and try to cuddle with me, nope. She stayed in her "house" all night. (I will admitt I am quite amazed). But however good she has been, I would still like to get her a real (as in not imaginary) house. I have been out all day looking at garage sales, craigslist, consignment shops... and not luck (so far). This week my work schedule isn't too bad so the set up we have right now should work until Saturday-garage sale day. The only problem that might arise, is if a cat jumps over the barrier, but then again that would be their own fault. We did leave her all alone in the house with the cats while we went looking around, and all animals are intact, and safe-no bloodshed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Whiskey, my corgi, knows the basic commands: sit, lay down, up/dance, and roll over. For the past few weeks I have been trying to teach a few new ones: speak and shake. She almost has the speak down, she does more of a little low growly bark, but none-the-less she "said" something. The shake, she has NO clue what to do, I try putting the treat in my first and putting it near her paw, she just ends up nosing it, sniffing it, and licking my hand up and down. Which leads me to my question: Can corgi's shake? You know with those little bitty legs and all. Just curious, and will keep trying for it

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As promised here are some pictures of my lovable pup-pup.
Beautiful day at the Park

Wanted to roll more pictures allowed
Doesn't she look adorable in her coat! (note: I did not make this one)
Hi ma!

I think I heard something

Will you please stop with the flashies

Look at those eyes.

I think some one is ready for there March Calender Picture. :-) *hint hint*

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Lazy Day

Today has been a day off from work. I had it all planned out: go get blood work done for Dr. Had a meeting. Have boyfriend come over, then enjoy a day at the doggy park. Well half the day went according to plan, the other half, not so much, but it was still a good day. Boyfriend got called into work, and it rained most of the morning so the park was out of the question. (I'm sorry I don't do smelly wet dog). So the nice pitter patter of the rain induced a nice lazy nap. When me an the pup-pup woke up, it was nice bright and sunny. We took a walk down to the local little park and she found a new best friend. Jeffy a 3-year old little boy that wore her out! YAY for me, because its more nap time for Whiskey while I make dinner. The little boy was climbing the jungle gym (is that what they are still called?) and Whiskey wanted to follow. so we climbed up and went down a slide or 2. (My butt does not fit in those too well anymore). Walking back we saw our neighbor Jack and his doggy Molly, so we just had to say hello. Then Molly got a tiny but to close for comfort for Whiskey and she snarled and barked and onward we walked. So now she is curled up on MY bed sleeping, while I get to sit on the (not-so) comfy couch. But overall it was quite a productive day if you ask me. :-)

On a rather random side note: I'd like to make a few shout outs to a few blogs I follow. Just things that they have posted that I think is some pretty cool information.

First of all: Corgi Butts I love Gibson and Kelly both. Gibson is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen and have the best expressions in all of her photos. Kelly has some amazing information and ideas for fellow Corgi owners.

Second: is Love Actually "a romantic on a budget". She has some really good ideas to surprise your significant other or just simple things to do for them. You may also want to show this blog to your significant other and let them get some romantic ideas for you. ;-)

Hope everyone has a good happy Tuesday!
(Pictures of Whiskey coming soon).