Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cowboy Bebop

Reading many of your blogs I have noticed that the corgi is part of a cartoon(?) called Cowboy Bebop. I have never heard of this until reading about it here. So need-less to say I've never seen the show either. I find it interesting where everyone learned about corgis. I learned (and fell in love) from the animal planet show Dogs 101. Kelly said she loved them from watching the Westminster Dog Show. (which she also now knows about the Cowboy Bebop).
I just wanted to pop over and post because it just made me do one of those "huh....lets think about that" moments. And whenever any one stops me because they don't know the dog breed I say its the Queen's dog. I wonder if I would get more of a response by saying "its the dog from Coyboy and Bebop." I guess it depends on my demographic.
Have a good day. Off the park now. :-) And Bark in the Park is tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corgi Butts Give-away

Check out Corgi Butts for an awesome give away to enter. Its for an awesome martingale collar from big doggy bling. Click HERE for the link to Kelly's blog for the give away! :-) Good Luck to everyone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Photos

When I went to purshace the Marlin Bark in the Park tickets at our local humane society. I came across this coller, I couldnt resist.

This second one is just for fun. Boyfriend cuddles with her more than he does with me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bark in the Park

I'm kind of early and VERY excited!

My local baseball team is having a dog park night, when we get to bring our dogs to the ball game. I'm so excited! I guess its time to make Whiskey a Marlins coat. :-)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Team Spirit

Gibson over at Corgi Butts shows his team spirit by sporting a colts collar. I was on my shopping excursion to pick up material to make my dog collar flower and bows. I was looking in the clearance bin of scrap pieces of fabric when I came across the FL dolphins. It didn't have a price on in and it was a tiny scrap, so I took it up front to see how big it was. It was a long semi-skinny piece. I asked the cashier how much it would come out to... $2.99. OK SOLD! If it didn't work out it wasn't big splurge of money. I got home and immediately too one of her other coats to use as a guide line. Once I took the dolphin material and cut it into 2 semi-skinny pieces and sewed them together. It was the perfect amount! I found some old white corduroy material and used that as the backing. I finished her little coat just in time - "daddy" (my boyfriend) and "grandpa" (my dad) came in to see her sporting the FL team spirit. My dad hates it when I dress up the dog, but this time he thought it was cool. (of course right?). I was quite proud of myself for what I did. It looks professional.
Now I am not a huge football fan- I could care less about football but for $2.99 I couldn't pass it up. My boyfriend works at the arena when the Panthers play hockey so he's going to see if he can get me a Panther's fleece blanket to make her a Panther's coat. Because we both are HUGE hockey fans! Marlins will be next. :-)

My Model
I plan on putting orange ruffles on it around with butt so she will be noticed as a GIRL.

PS. Also the etsy shop wil be going soon. Im still in the midst of getting enough things done, and prices figured out. Keep you all posted.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Short and Sweet

I bunch of you, my happy followers, have suggested or wondered about my Etsy shop. I have created one, but I haven't put anything up yet. As soon as I do you all will be the first to know. I will probably start uploading to the site tomorrow.
Thanks for sticking with me. :-)

Craft Time

I saw this flower button as a child's head band and thought why not make one for dogs. Especially for the fact that everyone calls Whiskey a boy.
Stay tuned to later on; I'm going to make a boy's bow tie also.

Flower button #1 I made. It was a little small for Whiskey but still cute. I attached this with a hook and eye.

Wearing her button.

I also made one for the kitty. She was the only kitty willing to cooperate.

This is the 2nd one I made for her. More muted colors and a little bigger. It also matches the kitty's

Here is a close up. This one I attached with elastic.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So today I decided to run some small errands and also decided that Whiskey could come with. The plan: Go to Walgreen to pick up pictures I had ordered. I brought my extra set of keys so I could leave the car on with the AC for Whiskey even though it was going to be an in-and-out kinda thing. I go in and at the photo counter are 2 women looking "ohh-ing & aww-ing" over the photos they ordered. They also have a cart full of stuff. When done looking at their pictures they ask if they can check out here. The cashier being nice said yes. I on the other hand didn't have time for that. Not only did they have a cart full the cashier moved slower than a snail. I know I left the air on and all but I didn't want to leave Whiskey in the car longer than I had to. So I'll go back later or another day. Next stop was the bank. I go to the drive up ask for a deposit slip (and also at this point Whiskey has her head stuck out my window looking at the speaker where the voice is coming from). Bank lady-"We don't give out deposit slips through the drive through any more." I have a blank stare I'm not sure what to do. "If you have a debit card you can make deposits through the ATM or someone inside can assist you."
I came through the drive though cause of the other little head you see sticking out my window (I didn't actually say it). Ok I'll go later or another day.
So striking out on those 2 I decided to take Whiskey to the big park for her to run around a little. Drive up to the park and its closed.... All broward county parks are closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Of course how could I have forgotten. ARG! Fine we'll go to the little park (which I actually had a good reason to not go there in the first place.) We head out and she is running and rolling and playing and just having a fun old time. Until....she spots the yucky lake. And off she goes there is no stopping her. Well at least she was having some fun. She is going to the groomers tomorrow.
Maybe better luck tomorrow for me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Explore more

This is a shameless plug for my other blog which is quite pathetic in the followers department, and yes I realized I overlooked it for a while but now that I am a house elf/child/maid it will be getting plenty of attention. It is my food blog for trying out recipes and posted classic old and true recipes. It is without further adu :

The Irish Chef

Check it out once a week and you might find some yummy recipes for your family. I try to test recipes that are not the normal and boring chicken, beef and pork dinners.

Also- I would like to thank ALL of you that left me comments on my Interesting turn of events post. You all had great words of encouragement and you really lifted my spirits!! THANK YOU!! :-)


Whiskey has always been a picky eater, but yesterday took the cake.
When I first got her she use to scarf down her food, afraid someone would take it away or that it might be her last meal. Now that she has learned she will ALWAYS get fed twice a day. Last night I fed her at her normal 7:30 time. At that time we were also preparing our dinner.
Let me side track for a moment- Whiskey was confused all together because mommy was home all day.
So while we were finishing up setting the table with our dinner, Whiskey was suppose to be eating hers.... suppose to. She decided she liked the smell of our dinner more. Off she trots into the kitchen. I had to heard the herding dog over back to her dish and specifically tell her "finish your dinner." She'd take a bite, look at me and try to walk back into the kitchen. Fine. My family and I sat down for dinner and I put the gate up in my room because I was going to treat her like a 2 year old. She was going to learn that she was not going to get any yummy people food unless she finished her food. Well she acted like a 2 year old. She barked and barked. I said she was just going to have to bark it out and get tired. My parents didn't want to listen to a barking dog all durning dinner. So she won. She got let out of my room and got the circle the kitchen table full of yummy smells. Once dinner was done I broke up a few green pepper slices and threw them in her bowl too and told her to finish her dinner. And she did. Its just so funny to see her actions change since I first got her. It just reassures my prediction that she was just a dog to make puppies. That she was probably kept in a kennel all the time unless there was a male involved. She probably had to fight for her food. Now with all this freedom and knowing she is always going to have a meal she is really able to enjoy life and be a dog.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Interesting turn of events

I realize I have been MIA for a little while. I have a legitimate excuse, not one I am happy to share though. On Friday I lost my job. I job I actually thoroughly enjoyed. Why you may ask? Truthfully I really don't have an answer, the best I can come up with is the boss had a bug up his ass.
I'll walk you though:
I worked at a physical therapy office for people that had a car accident or slip and fall. I had a new patient on Thursday in the afternoon. She didn't show up (which happens a lot actually). So I call the patients the next day ad reschedule or find out what is going on. So Friday I was going to call this patient after lunch when it was more quiet in the office. Literally 5 minutes before calling said patient I am checking my voice mails. The boss, head honcho, el douche calls my on the phone: "hello?"
"did that patient come in yesterday?"
"was anyone notified of this?"
"no. I was going to call the patient now."
"not the answer. was anyone notified about this?"
"ok." ::CLANK:: hangs up.

I call the patient and reschedule her for Monday. My department manager and the marketing manager actively talking in the kitchen (which I have clear site of). Marketing manager ask me to come in.
"We have to fire you."
::SHOCKED:: "wwwhhhhattt????"
"yea.. sorry"
"because the boss says so"
"what he says goes."

To cut the story short I try to explain myself with no avail. I got 1/2 a day of training, everything else I learned on my own. No one told me if a new patient didn't show up that I had to let anybody know.
Since I started on Cinco de Mayo we had more that 2 hands of new patient not show up for their initial appointment. I call reschedule and voila they show up and we continue on our marry way called therapy.
I txted the massage therapist that I worked with that we had created a friendship relationship he was as shocked as I was. He tried to get to the bottom of it...
Basically got the same answer I did.
"you didn't answer the way they wanted you to" <-- exact text.
Then I also learn that they already have a girl for the spot from one of the other offices.
Now not to sound crude, but honestly is the truth: If your not sucking anyone at that job you don't get to keep it.
Since I was there for a whole 4 months I saw 5 people come and go. I dint want to be one of those statics. I know there is another job somewhere out there for me. However I really did enjoy that one. I am just more upset they think (and can) treat people like that.
I'm trying to make lemonade out of lemons so hello Etsy shop! I will be opening one soon, and I will keep everyone posted.
Whiskey doesn't know what do with me being home though. Its kinda cute.

When life gives you lemons, have a tequila shot

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


During the Paws it Forward I wanted to send something for the humans to enjoy as well. I have been painting/drawing/doodling for years now. I saw on someones blog (I'm sorry I can not remember-if it was yours and you are reading this leave me a comment and I will give you credit). A block of colored corgis that I thought was awesome.

So when sending out the Paws it Forward boxes I thought this would be perfect since we are all corgi lovers!
You can check out Corgi Butts and Butterball the Nutball for the pieces I did for them.
After they blogged about the boxes and the paintings that were included. Laurie of Sadie the Rescued Corgi asked if she could order one.
I had been thinking about selling some of my paintings (and not necessarily the corgi ones) anyways this was the opportunity. Mostly I make paintings for family members or my boyfriend (who has 4) but why not spread the love and make other people happy with a little piece of art.
Laurie and I started talking and we discussed colors and I got to it. She liked the bright colors that were in Kelly's but I don't want any 2 paintings to looks the same, so I adjusted 2 of the colors.
This is Laurie's:

I was really pleased with this one!

Does it really have to go bye-byes ma?

So now here is your chance. I will take private made just for you orders for a painting. Generally I do them on an 11x14 canvas. I can go bigger or smaller but truthfully the 11x14 is the perfect size for me to paint and to ship. :-)

E-mail me at ktef(at) replace (at) with @ to discuss your very own corgi painting.

Dogs 101

A lot of the corgi blogs I follow I have read they are much like myself: first time dog owner, and corgi owner. The question I have is, why did you decide on a corgi for your first dog? I would love to hear your story of how this little legged, big eared, big smile dog got into your heart and home.

My story: I always wanted a dog. We always had cats, which I'm not complaining- I love my cats but I wanted more of a companion. I always knew I wanted a big dog. I was IN LOVE with huskies (and still am) for the longest time. But a husky in south FLA, not fair to that poor animal. So I had to rethink that decision. When I was about 13 one of our neighbors rescued a 3-legged dalmatian. They had 4 dogs already and couldn't handle 1 more. My parents hemmed and hawed over getting this dog. They thought a little too long because a few days later the dog was picked up by a couple in Cali with a huge plot of land for this 3-legged dog to run around as much as he wanted. My parents tell me they were "thinking" about adopting this dog after he found his forever home. Thanks mom and dad. I suppose it worked out for the best in the long long long run. Fast forward to today (for a moment) My current boyfriend (and probably the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with). He doesn't like dalmatians so much... when he was 7 one of his mean neighbors had a dalmatian that he trained to be not-so-friendly. One day playing in the street this dalmatian took off after him, jumped him in the street and went to bit his face but Josh blocked it with his arm. To make an even longer story short he has a HUGE permanent scar on his forearm from this dog. He doesn't even think pictures of dalmatians are cute. When dalmatians were on the animal planet TV show Dogs 101 came on we had to change channels. So tri-pod (yes that was his name) hope your having the life in California!
Back to my corgi story...sorry.
I had given up on getting a dog because I knew the only one I would get in my house was a small on that no one noticed and thought was a cat. And I don't do yappy little dogs.. no thank you.
On an episode of Dogs 101 were the corgis. I fell in love. It was a small enough to be an indoor dog, but still had the endurance to run around outside and who could resist that corgi face!!! I was in love! I was on the search for a corgi. I wanted a full blood corgi and more than likely wanted a rescue. I began looking on craigslist and petfinder. I was drawing blanks. So I looked into buying. There was an adorable corgi girl at the local pet store for $800.00 I love the little bugger, but I couldn't justify spending $800 on a dog. So I searched breeders, which has a slight lower cost that I could justify but they all lived 5 or more hours north of me- couldn't justify that. I came to the conclusion that I would just have to wait when Josh and I get our own place, because neither one of us wanted to stay in south FLA. One more search on petfinder and I find Roxie a 2 year old corgi. SO CUTE! I emailed the foster mom and she mailed back the application. When she received that back she said I sounded perfect. We set a time for a meet up and Roxie came home with me for a 2 week trail. First hurdle I had to get over was convincing my parents. That was like a 5 foot hurdle too but I made it! I called her foster mom and said she was staying if that was ok. She was more than happy that Roxie found a forever home. I still talk to her and send her pictures regularly. Roxie though was not going to do for a name... So the renaming began. I didn't want to confuse her too much by completely changing it up so I decided to try and keep the "ie" sound. Names on the final list were:
Caju (french for cashew)

We had a food theme going on. We settled on Whiskey, she seemed to respond best to it.
I still want another corgi perhaps from puppy-hood this time and Josh wants a bigger dog that he can take on looooong jogs. Alas those WILL have to wait until we get our own place.

What's your story? or How did you end up with a corgi of all dogs?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Is it just me....

Is it just me or do you guys do it too? When I go to the pet store (or any store that sells dog toys), even if its just to pick something up for the cats. Anytime I go to the pet store I have to pick up something....anything for Whiskey. For example: yesterday my boyfriend needed kitty litter and asked if I needed anything from the store. My relpy: "wait until I get off so I can do with you."
"why what do you need?"
"nothing. just fun to look."
We walked out with a new toy for whiskey and a cooling bandanna. (all on clearance). Our Petco has an awesome clearance section. I also had to get some dog food for the picky little eater. Apparently she is getting bored of the other stuff and we have to keep telling her to finish her own dinner.
I know Karen of Butterball the Nutball has said that she will pick up anything that has a corgi on it. I am the same way. Here is south FLA there are not a lot of corgis around. I've seen 2 at the dog park before, so I get pretty excited when I see another corgi or something that has to do with corgis.

So now for the survey:
1. Do you pick something up for your puppers at the pet store every time you go?
2. Do you pick up things just cause they have that cute corgi smug on it?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whiskey's job

Whiskey is my lil bug sniffer-outer. The other night it was time for "nite nite". I'm turning off the lights and Whiskey keeps playing with her blanket.
"No Whiskey its nite nite time."
She keep nosing it around the floor. Fine I'm going to go pick it up and put in back on her bed where it belongs (Because now it is in the middle of my rug). I pick up the one corner and out crawls a HUGE had to be 3 inch coca roach!
I jumped from where I was standing to my bed (a good 3 foot jump). Screaming and hollering and trying to hold on to Whiskey so she doesn't have a giant protein snack. Luckily my mom was still in the kitchen, grabbed a shoe and smushed it to smithereens. So that night and every night since Whiskey has been my bug finder- that is her most important job for my room.
Her other jobs include:
vacuum of any fallen food
alarm system
person greeter
cat chaser
and now- bug sniffer-outer

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Get your votes in

Many have posted about this and I'm jumping on the ban wagon. Kelly over at Corgi Butts is doing a 2011 calendar. There are 30 ADORABLE corgis to vote on for the 12 months. It seriously took me almost an hour to decide they are all just so cute.

#30 is my sweet little puppers, Whiskey. Make #30 part of your finalist list. :-) Vote here.

Coffee with my puppers

I have been meaning to post about this for a while just kept forgetting to take the pictures. I picked this darling mug up at petco on clearance and it was the last one! :-)